Continual Network Upgrades and Enhancing Technology!

Netflash has developed a new and exciting technology that is available in select geographical areas throughout Rural Southern Ontario called SPEEDBURST.   We have developed a way to allow your internet connection to burst past the maximum speed.   This technology is especially useful for people that stream content on the internet and require data to be downloaded in a shorter period of time.

As of January 2017

Netflash SPEEDBURST service is automatically turned on for subscribers that have gone with our SPEEDBURST 25 & 30Mbps packages.   The following areas currently have SpeedBurst service available

  • Roseville, Ontario
  • Belwood, Ontario
  • Spruce Green, Ontario
  • Tavistock, Ontario
  • Drayton, Ontario
Many more areas area being turned up every quarter we will list them here when a new area has been upgraded.